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Durham NC, Dec 21 2023

by Lora Hyman

"A Christmas Carol" Enchants Audiences with a Symphony of Talent

In a mesmerizing performance that resonated with the crafty tunes composed by Jeffryn and her late husband Ty, and Marilyn Olde, Elias Stephens took center stage and breathed life into the timeless character of Ebenezer Scrooge. From the very first note, Stephens' portrayal of the cold-hearted miser proved to be nothing short of extraordinary, a shining testament to his exceptional acting prowess. The emotional depth Jeffryn infused into the character was palpable, creating a profound connection between director and actor that enriched every scene.

Stephens, in his masterful navigation of Scrooge's intricate character, showcased a range that held the audience captive throughout the performance. The chemistry between Stephens and the ensemble cast was electric, contributing to a seamless narrative flow that made every moment poignant and memorable.

Under Jeffryn's insightful direction, the production breathed with a newfound energy. The backstage crew, executing synchronized movements and impeccable timing during set changes, demonstrated a meticulous attention to detail that mirrored Stephen's visionary directorial approach, particularly with the use of the rotating stage. The set itself emerged as a dynamic character, effortlessly transitioning from the stark counting house to the bustling streets of Victorian London, providing a visually stunning backdrop for the unfolding drama.

A Christmas Carol proved to be more than a play; it was a jubilant celebration that skillfully bridged the legacy of Jeffryn Stephens with the fresh perspective injected by Sabatini. The ensemble cast, under the expert guidance of the directorial team, seamlessly blended the old and the new, delivering a performance that not only captivated but also paid homage to the rich history of the production.

As the final curtain descended, the audience erupted in applause, recognizing not just a stellar performance but a symphony of talent orchestrated by the skilled hands of Jeffryn, Jessica, and the entire cast. The magic of A Christmas Carol lingered in the air, a harmonious reminder of the enduring spirit of the holiday season.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Young People’s Performing Company is a great space for students no matter age, experience, role, race, religion, nationality, orientation, identity, affiliation, status, ability place on the spectrum, all students are equals at YPPC. 

Our mission is not to produce the most technically impressive performances, but to ensure that any young person who wants it can have the experience of being on stage.


Since 1982, YPPC has created a unique theatrical home for thousands of young people and has been graciously granted the class, rehearsal and performance space to do so by the Durham Arts Council building located at:  120 Morris St. in downtown Durham, NC.

No matter age, experience, role, race, religion, nationality, orientation, identity, affiliation, status, ability, place on the spectrum, ALL students are equals at YPPC

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