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YPPC Alumni

📣 Hey Alumni!  📣

YPPC wants to hear from you!

We want to learn more about your experience with YPPC.

Did you like it?

Did it impact your life?

What is your favorite thing about YPPC?

You can tell us more and help us shape the future of YPPC!

Fill out an Alumni Update form at the bottom of this page and let us know how you're doing.

🎭 Impact  🎭

Become a student mentor, help with sets and lighting.

🎭 Connection 🎭

Reconnect with fellow alumni and build new connections within our vibrant community.

🎭 Legacy  🎭

Leave a lasting legacy by helping shape the future of YPPC.

Megaphone Collage

Live Locally??

We'd love for you to get involved!

If you're interested in helping current classes with lighting, set design, mentorship, class assistance, costumes, etc., let us know!

Thanks for submitting!

No matter age, experience, role, race, religion, nationality, orientation, identity, affiliation, status, ability, place on the spectrum, ALL students are equals at YPPC

Young People's Performance Company

New Class for 2023!

Creative Movement with 

Rebecca Drake-Pelli


(919) 972-6818

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