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Presenting YPPC &
The Jeffryn Stephens Stage



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Located in the basement of the Durham Arts Council, our cozy little space has provided a theatre home for our youth for over 40 years!




A Christmas Carol Alumni

See what our alumni have to say about how YPPC impacted their life...

YPPC kept my love of theatre going throughout middle school and high school and has been at least a small part of my life ever since. YPPC is part of my family.

M.E. Hirsh




History of YPPC

In the spring of 1982, Young People’s Performing Company (YPPC) was established as a non-profit organization by Jeffryn and Ty Stephens. Its mission was to offer young people, spanning from kindergarten to high school, the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the dramatic arts, both in teaching and performance. 

Fast forward more than 40 years, and YPPC stands as a testament to its enduring commitment. With over 1,000 productions under its belt, the organization remains dedicated to fostering a vibrant community where young actors and directors can immerse themselves in the world of theater. In the course of a typical year, YPPC dazzles audiences with a dynamic repertoire that includes two musicals and a staggering 20+ productions.

Since 1985, the Durham Arts Council's WTVD theater has generously provided YPPC with class, rehearsal, and performance space, which plays a vital role in underpinning our program's annual expenses. 

YPPC's impact extends far beyond the stage. Many of its students go on to audition for and engage with college and university theater programs, as well as conservatories. Over time, numerous alumni have blossomed into accomplished professionals, pursuing careers as writers, directors, actors, and skilled technicians in the world of performing arts.

No matter age, experience, role, race, religion, nationality, orientation, identity, affiliation, status, ability, place on the spectrum, ALL students are equals at YPPC

Young People's Performance Company

New Class for 2023!

Creative Movement with 

Rebecca Drake-Pelli


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